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V Wroclaw Model Show 2016

...and it is over. Wrocław Model Show 2016 has ended, and a big THANK YOU to all who visited us this year! We always joke that we do this event for ourselves, so we do not need to travel a long way to see all those beautiful creations of yours. And beautiful they were! Thanks for all the interesting talks whe had during the event. And huge thanks for those who helped us to round up the place back to business-as-usuall after the event had ended.

A short statistics:

178 entrants (from Poland, Czech Republic and Germany)

465 models

0 casualties

1 diorama roof unglued due to sun exposure

and unknown crates of beer drunk...

See you next year! 






Short notice about model registration

Online registration will be ...well ...online from the beginning of march. Registering via our web page is here to cut short any possible queues. Just as last year, your card will be ready and waiting for you in separate envelope.

Logins from last year are valid (case-sensitive). In order to keep things uncluttered and simple we removed models that you registered for previous editions of WMS.

In case you prefer calligraphy, there is a pdf form to download, print, fill and submit at reception desk. The form is divided into three sections: one that provides info about model for viewers (be sure to place it beside model so all vital information is visible), second section is for you as a receipt, and third is for us to input all data to database.

The online registration has already started. See you in Wrocław!


V Wroclaw Model Show 2016
IV Memorial of sgt. Aleksander Średnicki
April 2-3, 2016

We can now officially invite everyone to fifth edition of Wroclaw Model Show. Book the weekend of April 2-3 for visitin Wroclaw and bring your models with you. The place is II LO at ul. Parkowa 18-26.

2016 WMS has a theme: AFRICA, along with a theme Grand Prix. How do you interpret this theme? Well - it is all in your hands. We trust you know how to keep things exciting, and your imagination works well above regular sand-colored Panzer III or Torch P-51B.

You may, or may not be familiar with our stamps. To put it shortly - not all models desrve full distinction, but many models feature some interesting aspect. Putting various stapms on model registration card we want to appreciate anything that is good about given model. This may also serve as "turn your head" indicator - if the model deserved a stamp maybe it is worth to have a closer look at it. Our system evolves and we still look for clearer communication of our judges verdicts. Last year we found ourselves lacking apropriate expression for all the good things that came in diorama and figures categories. We are working on it.

There is still no upper nor lower limit for number of distinctions in any OPEN class. Last year 1/32 pre-1930 airplanes set the bar very high and it might come as a bit of a dissapointment for 1/32th jet airplanes authors. We look and grade the models, not the modeller. We assume that regular OPEN entrants are all grown ups, have their motivation as modellers and are able to take critics with dignity and positive attitude.

All news and vital info will be presented on this site, Facebook page ( www.facebook.com/wroclawmodelshow ) mirrors the news and info, and also provides constant flow on subjectively selected news from modellers world.

Main sponsor of WMS is M-Zone from Wrocław.


First - a big THANK YOU! for everyone who visited and took part in IV Wrocław Model Show 2015.

It is You - modellers - who create this Show. We are really happy to see increasing number of your great works displayed during the Show every year. This time we clocked 403 models! 

We would like to invite you to the Fifth edition of our Wrocław Model Show. The main theme of the upcoming Show is Africa. Details will be published on our FB page and on Internet forums shortly.


The first edition of our model show which took place in 2012 was quite a spontaneous action by local modellers community of Lower Silesia. The second one was simply a follow-up thanks to a big (and growing) public attention. Let us say – third time lucky! Read more...

See you in Wrocław!


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