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VI Wroclaw Model Show 2017

The 2017 modeler calendar gets busier and busier...
What are your plans for late march - early april? Polish tradition would call for curing hangover and broken heart after our main modelling event in Bytom. Unfortunately this is not going to happen not this year, as to our great dissapointment the Bytom 2017 event got cancelled.

While we sincerely hope our premier modeler event will be back in 2018, we propose a temporary cure.


Sixth edition of Wroclaw Model Show will be held on 1-2 April 2017.

Visit us at 2.High School, Parkowa St., Wrocław.


Also, 6th WMS has its theme:  NEIGHBORS

At first we thought "well, it will be about the neighbors of our country, as simple as that". But then we decided better to leave it underdefined, and let the other follow this cue. Lets wait 'till April, and see what you come up with!



If you are eager to register your entry now - hold your horses. We are not there yet. Registration will go online about one month ahead of the event. We will post notice as soon as we're ready.


The first edition of our model show which took place in 2012 was quite a spontaneous action by local modellers community of Lower Silesia. The second one was simply a follow-up thanks to a big (and growing) public attention. Let us say – third time lucky! Read more...

See you in Wrocław!


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